8th Dimension at Joshua Tree, CA

Recently we visited Joshua Tree National Park with my nephew Ben who has been there many times. He led us off the beaten trail to an area where visitors had collected the white rocks that were part of the lucky strips, which made thin circles around many of the huge sandstone boulders. Hikers used rocks to make designs on the desert floor, such as sunflowers, a crab, a sun, and a labrynth, which had at least eight spirals. I checked if it as OK for me to walk the labrynth, then said Namaste or blessings, and started walking it slowly, with intention, as Thich Hnat Hanh, a Vietnamese Buddhist, had taught us in a walking meditation workshop. It was 104 degrees in the desert so moving slowly was of the essence.I immediately moved into the 8th dimension.  This dimension is a quiet, peaeful, relaxed dimension where one enjoys doing nothing. Here one is reminded of the loving connection between all beings.  I connected to the boulders, the catius, and the huge blue sky.  One truly feels at one and connected with all that is in the universe in this dimension.

4th Dimension and Dr. Michio Kaku

The 4th dimension is very easy to go to and is close to the 3rd dimension where we spend most of our time. Unconsciously we go to the 4th dimension on a regular basis. When you drive and lose track of where you are going, you have likely gone to the 4th dimension.  Time is irrelevant in the fourth dimension.  There is no competition there, it is very relaxing, and one has a sense of well-being.  Children and dogs spend much of their time there, which is why petting a dog or holding a sleeping baby relieves one’s stress so quickly since they bring us with them into the 4th dimension. Some believe in this time of inner and outer change that many people will move from living in the 3rd dimension to living in the 4th dimension. Life is easier in the 4th dimension since there are no worries, no fighting, and appreciation flows freely. Receiving a massage can put you in the 4th dimension. The fourth dimension is based on cooperation that is female energy. While in the 4th dimension one can move from place to place by just thinking of a place and then quickly traveling there.  Imagination and creating new ideas  is the foundation of the 4th dimension since ideas bounce easily from the intuition. This photograph illustrates the fourth dimension.


Scientists, especially physicists have been investigating the idea of other dimensions in this universe and also parallel universes connected by wormholes, which are like funnels running from dimension to dimension.  There are many conflicting views in the scientific community about the concept of other dimensions of time and space. Dr. Michio Kaku, a Harvard graduate wrote “Hyperspace: A Scientific Odyssey Through Parallel Universes, Time Warps, and the 10th Dimension”(1994), he is an award winning physicist and string theorist,  who discusses the mathematical reality that there are ten dimensions.  He, and others believe that there is now proof that we live in a multi-dimensional world.  Kaku comments as follows: “Introducing higher dimensions may be essential for prying loose the secrets of Creation.  According to this theory, before the Big Bang, our cosmos was actually a perfect ten-dimensional universe, a world where interdimensional travel was possible” (Kaku, 1994, p. 27).