Appreciation and Love of Plants

This morning I have been working in my flower garden, a play activity I have enjoyed for 33 years.  For many of those years I have worked with a garden guide named Bajo. I ask him where is the best spot for a plant in my garden and then I use kinesiology or muscle testing with my fingers to check the spot.  My garden is now in the deep woods at our camp, which is very shady versus having a sunny garden for 30 years downtown.

Bajo wants to say that a plant each has it’s own vibration and that they will thrive in certain areas and not in others.  It is always important to check with plants where they want to be planted. Love your plants because they thrive with love and appreciation even more than the soil in which they are planted.  They also have preferences as to what type of plant to which they are neighbors.

I stopped at three fabulous gardens yesterday that I would highly recommend to buy plants.  They may be a drive away but will reward you with their beauty and the owners extreme love of plants.  They are Sunnyside garden in Turner owned by Edith Ellis, Shaky Barn Garden in Limerick who recommends bringing a lunch and eating in her garden, and Gingerbread Farm on Old Winthrop Rd in Wayne, which has the best prices. They are located about a 15 minute drive from each other. Their gardens are spectacular and they sell extraordinary plants.

Music and time

Playing or listening to music is an entry way or doorway to most dimensions. Music can stimulate parts of your brain that makes one move into other dimensions. Music can free one to move out of their body and soar with the music, like having wings and sailing on the wind of the music. If one moves to another dimension it becomes easier to play music.

Music is outside of time.  Time is only relevant in the 3rd dimension and is something humankind created to try to bring order and control to their lives. Time is an illusion because there is always more time.  Time can flow forward , backward,  up or down, or in circles depending on where you are looking at it.  Currently time is shifting so energy  is moving.  In the future we will be able to bend time.

Sound is energy that can be used to clear ones energy, to heal, to focus, and to help transcend. Music is freeing and uplifting.  It pulls on many creative chords.  It is all encompassing.  It helps one get in touch with their feelings and their deep inner sense of self.  Music can help one transcend out of personal pain.  As it uplifts it brings one in touch with beauty, joy, and appreciation, which lifts ones soul to new heights.

My electric viola