22nd dimension

22nd dimension.rtfd     For this dimension more than most one needs to rely on the watercolor painting to convey the essence of the 22nd dimension since it is outside the realm of language.  Sitting quietly and looking at the picture will help bring one into this dimension. Allow the colors and shapes to carry you into this dimension.  Allow your body energy to float upwards into this dimension. It is liberating and expansive here.There are no boundaries and no words used here. There are no bodies here just an energy frequency. Music or sound are used to communicate here. Toning can be used.

This is a highly spiritual dimension where the master Christ is from.  It has many parts.  There is passion but it is from an intellectual point of view.  It is based on mental abilities not feelings or intuition.  It is a complicated multi-dimentional place which is difficult to describe using our linear language of the 3rd dimension.  I have added a musical component of me playing my viola which will also help you move into the 22nd dimension, just press on the blue writiing at the beginning of this paragraph, it will download then press on the triangle to make the music play.