Being an Oma

I became an Oma on December 5th when Tobin my first grandchild was born.  It has been so much more exquisite than I ever imagined.  For his first 10 weeks I have enjoyed meditating with him in my arms.  I feel his energy sinking into mine, relaxing, us moving into other dimensions together.  It is so loving, spiritually deep, and totally consuming in a wonderful way that I can float in this dimension for large expanses of time. I am not clear what number dimension we are in.  I love just Being and experiencing the the co-mingling of our energy.  It is such a peaceful dimension that is quiet yet filled with energy and love.  I have not written in my blog for eight months but holding Tobin has totally brought me back to my exploration of dimensions.  I am so grateful for this opportunity. It’s so easy to unconditionally love him. I am so blessed that my daughter enjoys having me hold him. As with so many other dimensions, this dimensional experience is outside the realm of words so the comforting intensity of the experience is hard to express.