A method to move to other dimensions

To prepare myself for meditation, I find I need to protect, clear and relax myself.

I protect my energy field and then I clear out any negative energy.  I accomplish this by first asking my guides to put a protective field around me. I actually visualize what it will look like, for instance, a titanium barrier, a stone protection, or love and light. I often change what it looks and feels like.

Once that is in place, I visualize a donut of energy descending from the top of my head slowly lowering over my body to below my feet. As it slowly rises back up, I see the donut collecting all the negative energy that has come on or around me.  I also visualize a saw to cut off any attachments that have pulled on my energy field to cut them all off. These negative energies all collect on the donut until it is over my head and then I visiualize a bag containing all of this and send it to the white light where the negative energy is converted into positive white light.  Whatever form of protection, clearing, and relaxation you use is fine.

Now I relax, close my eyes, and notice how my body feels.  I move any part of my body that is not comfortable.  I pay attention to my breath as it slowly goes in and out of my body, as I start to meditate.  I ask for my guides and higher self to be present and protect me on this journey. I ask that Source be with me and guide me during this process.  As I take several more deep relaxing breaths l notice my consciousness gently rising.  As you do this you may think that you are imagining or making up what you are noticing, this is OK, just keep breathing in a relaxed manner.  If nothing is happening that is OK, just keep breathing and your breath may guide you into another dimension.  Breathe slowly in and out.  I sometimes ask to go to a specific numbered dimension.  When done I ask to come back to present. Enjoy your journey.