Entering the 61st dimension while having a tattoo

Two weeks ago I got my first tattoo. The artist, Cindy Lou said it would feel like a cat scratching a sunburn.  I found the pain came in waves.  At first I tried to breathe and relax. Then I moved into a place of appreciation and to the vortex that Esther Hicks talks about at her Abraham talks.  But I could not sustain my inner peace. When I opened my eyes I would come right back into a place of pain.  The tattoo was taking two hours to complete. Suddenly I remembered that I could move into another dimension. I asked my guides which would be the best dimension to go to for this situation.  I found that the 61st dimension worked the best.  I was able to totally relax and the pain faded into a mild background noise.  This dimension was very soothing.  I found I needed to ask several times to be brought back to the 61st dimension, otherwise, I would fall out of it. In this dimension I felt like waves were rolling over me and taking the pain and I was being soothed. I realized that people who are hurting could go to the 61st dimension and flow with the pain rather than become tense and fight it.  By the time the tattoo was done I felt relaxed, calm, spacey, and in a soft glow of wonderfulness.  I was so grateful to have found this dimension.  The other artist in the room told me he had never seen someone relax and enjoy having a tattoo as much as me.